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Short overview


The movie shows the fabrication of the elliptical Bed Frame


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portraitOur furnitures are completely produced with handcrafts. We only produce on request and are able to satisfy special wishes.


The straightly grown wood goes against the rolling form of the bed. Just because of a very complex manufacturing process, in which our workmen cement battens of a length up to 140m on top of one another, we are able to get the wood into the special, elegant form.
Esh is made up as material for the ellipse and coniferous wood is used for the frame. Both kinds of wood emanate from the sustainable foresty in the Black Forest.


We only use pure oils for the surface treatment which contain the characteristics of natural wood and protect its surface at the same time. Because of our photovoltaic installation we produce more electricity than we need for the production of our beds. The whole bed is manufactured in the Black Forest and we follow the traditional way of handling wood.


Shipping & Assembly


The shipping costs depends on final destination and could be requested individually. The bed wil be shipped deconstructedYou need two people and our detailed assembly instruction to mount the bed.


More information


Please get in contact with us if you need more information.





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